Intro To Jobim - January, 2016

I created this talk as an introductory slideshow, and as an example to my jobim library. It goes over my motivations for creating the library, and over some of the basics of jobim.

Macros - December, 2015

This is a humorous talk going over some of the basics of macros in a homoiconic language like LISP. It includes motivations and the benefits of a macro system in a language where code is data.

Protocols, Multimethods, and Records - December, 2015

This talk attempts to show off some of Clojure's tools for polymorphism, and examines how some of these tools can help a user avoid the expression problem by taking advantage of Clojure generic programming approach.

Intro To Clojure - November, 2015

This talk is an introduction to some of Clojure's basic features, and to the philosphy of the language. It goes over the functional and data driven approach that the language employs.

Map Reduce Filter - November, 2015

This talk is a talk given in three languages, meant to help beginners to functional languages to get acquainted with some of the most basic building blocks of functional programming.